In the Islamic World, the clerics replaced the drug dealers, they are the ones doing the intoxication now. It is the time in the Islamic World to seperate "The Religion of Clerics and the Religion of Quran.Islam like every other religion has been corrupted by innovations, traditions, and false, idolatrous doctrines which are used by the clerics to create intoxicated followers        


By this time many Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah will accuse me of rejecting their fake hadith, khabar and sunna. The surprising thing is I have suffered this accusation from all parties ie the Sunnis, the Shiahs, the Ahmadiyas, the Wahhabis, the Salafis, the Tareqahs, the Tablighis, the Ismailis and the Christians. In my Internet career to promote the message of the Quran I have been summarily kicked out of discussion lists and websites of all the sects, cults and religions I have listed above. The funny thing is (yes it is funny) they all reject each others hadith also. When taken in total what this means is that among themselves, ALL their hadith are completely rejected.

As an example if the Ahlul Sunnah have three hadeeth and the Shiah have three khabar or hadeeth - and both of them reject each others hadeeth, in totality all their hadeeth / khabar have been rejected by the both of them. Then comes along someone like me who rejects all their six hadeeth or khabar and what happens ? Both of them jump at me for rejecting both their hadeeth or khabar, while they are oblivious of the fact that they have already completely rejected each other’s hadith.

In this chapter I would like to speak about the so called Battle of Jamal or battle of the Camel and the Battle of Siffin that is supposed to have taken place between the forces of a woman called Aishah (who they say was one of the Prophet’s wives), a fellow by the name of Muawiyah and another person by the name of Ali who they say was the Prophet’s son in law. According to the falsehood of the ulema this was the time of the so called great fitnah (fitnah al qubra). This is the great fight which created the murderous split between the Sunnis and the Shiahs until this day.

I have no evidence to tell me that this woman called Aishah or this person called Muawiyah or Ali even existed. I will certainly prove here from the Quran that the ‘historical events’ recorded about these names are all fake, totally fake.

Firstly the Prophet is supposed to have married this woman called Aishah when she was six years old. This evil story makes the Prophet a paedophile.

Realising that they have made the Prophet of Islam a paedophile, the fake hadeeth writers then concocted the story that although the Prophet married Aishah at age 6 years, he only consummated his marriage with her later when she reached the age of nine or sixteen or whatever ie when she had reached puberty. This is the fake story they want us to believe about this episode.

This topic is discussed in detail elsewhere in this book.

But the story goes that after the death of another person called Uthman, the so called third Caliph, this Aishah wanted her own friend / relatives to become the Caliph. This would go against the appointment of the fourth Caliph, another character by the name of Ali. Another character Muawiyah had also declared himself the Caliph in Syria.

To make a long story short, it became all out war. Muawiyah on one side and Ali on the other side at the Battle of Siffin. Then Aishah on one side and Ali on the other side at the Battle of Jamal.

Aishah and Ali clashed at the Battle of Jamal or the Battle of the Camels. Here is one account of this fiction (taken from the Internet - there are dozens of sites available)

The Battle of Jamal :

“Ayesha, the widow of the Holy Prophet (S), was in Makka for the pilgrimage when Uthman was killed. She had always expected either Talha or Zubayr to succeed him and when she heard of Imam Ali's (A) appointment as Caliph, she was very upset.”

She managed to recruit the support of the powerful clan of Bani Umayyah, to whom Uthman had belonged. The ex-governors of Uthman, who had been replaced by Imam Ali (A), also joined her and the ex-governor of Yemen provided her with the means of financing her war by giving her the treasure he had stolen from Yemen when he was deposed. Talha and Zubayr also joined her, in spite of their oath of allegiance to Imam Ali (A). A large number of aimless drifters were also paid to enlist in the army.

The preparations of war having been completed, Ayesha's army proceeded to Basra. Before leaving, she had asked Umme Salma, a faithful widow of the Holy Prophet (S), to accompany her. Umme Salma had indignantly refused, reminding Ayesha that the Holy Prophet (S) had said that Imam Ali (A) was his successor and whoever disobeyed him, disobeyed the Holy Prophet (S) himself. She also reminded her of the time when he had addressed all his wives saying that the dogs of Hawab would bark at one of his wives, who would be part of a rebellious mob. She then warned Ayesha not to be fooled by the words of Talha and Zubayr who would only entangle her in wrong deeds. This advice had a sobering effect on Ayesha, who almost gave up her plan. However, her adopted son, Abdallah bin Zubayr, convinced her to go ahead.”

And here is a fictional account of the Battle of Siffin

“In Syria, disorder and incitement to commotion continued unabated. Uthman's shirt, besmeared with his blood and the chopped-off fingers of his wife, Naila, were exhibited from the pulpit. In this manner, Muawiya raised the entire country of Syria against Ali. Ultimately, both the parties, opposed to each other, converged on Siffin where their armies pitched their camps in 37/657. Even at this stage, Ali sent three men, viz. Bashir bin Amr bin Mahz Ansari, Saeed bin Qais Hamdani, and Shis bin Rabiee Tamini to Muawiya to induce him to settle for union, accord and coming together. According to Tabari (5h vol., p. 243), Muawiya replied that, "Go away from here, only the sword will decide between us."

About fighting against the enemy and more importantly about identifying WHO is the enemy – God makes it very clear to the Prophet in the Quran.

[8.55] Surely the vilest of animals in God’s sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe.

[8.56] Those with whom you make an agreement, then they break their agreement every time and they do not guard (against punishment).

[8.57] Therefore if you overtake them in fighting, then scatter by (making an example of) them those who are in their rear, that they may be mindful.

[8.58] And if you fear treachery on the part of a people, then throw back to them on terms of equality; surely Allah does not love the treacherous.

[8.59] And let not those who disbelieve think that they shall come in first; surely they will not escape.

The enemy are the disbelievers.

[8.60] And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of God and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) God knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in God’s way, it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.

Again the enemy is identified - they are the disbelievers.

[8.61] And if they incline to peace, then incline to it and trust in God; surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

If they sue for peace, then trust in God and accept the peace. Now please read the following verses carefully :

8.62] And if they intend to deceive you -- then surely God is sufficient for you; He it is Who strengthened you with His help and with the believers

[8.63] And united their hearts; had you spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but God united them; surely He is Mighty, Wise.

[8.64] O Prophet! God is sufficient for you and the believers that follow you.

The belivers fight wars against the disbelievers. They do NOT fight wars against fellow believers. God has strengthened the Prophet with the believers. This would be the companions, the Prophet’s wives etc. God says He has united their hearts. This is in the past tense which means God has already united their hearts.

In the Quran, God says ‘Al haqq min al Rabbiq’ which means ‘the Truth is from God’. So when god says (USING THE PAST TENSE) that He has united their hearts this is a Haqq or statement of Truth from God.

If the Prophet at that time or anyone of us reading the Quran today had any doubts about this, then God reiterates the position: “had you spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but God united them; surely He is Mighty, Wise”.

So please accept it as solid, undeniable fact that the believers (the so called companions) who were with the Prophet were a group of people whose hearts were totally united.

But the evil and fake hadeeth writers would have us believe that what God says in the Quran is just fake. They would have us believe that God is just kidding us when He tells us that He has united the hearts of the believers. This was only good for say a couple of years or a few more years.

According to them as soon as the Prophet died, it became a bar brawl. The believers whose hearts had been united by god started kicking, spitting, killing and maiming each other. God was just pulling a fast one on us all when He said He has united the hearts of the believers.

And even a so called wife of the Prophet by the name of Aisha was involved in the brawl.

God also lays down the LAW about the relationship between the Prophet, his wives and the believers. Please read for yourselves :

[Surah 33.6] The Prophet has a greater claim on the believers than they have on themselves, and his WIVES ARE AS THEIR MOTHERS; and the possessors of relationship have the better claim in the ordinance of Allah to inheritance, one with respect to another, than (other) believers, and (than) those who have fled (their homes), except that you do some good to your friends; this is written in the Book.

The Prophet’s wives are like mothers to the believers. Such is their high status. Yet the fake hadeeth writers will have us believe that ‘the mother of the Believers’ by the name of Aishah together with some Believers went tooth and nail against other Believers ‘whose hearts God had united’ (8:63). The say about Aishah : when she heard of Imam Ali's (A) appointment as Caliph, she was very upset .

In other words when God says that ‘He has united their hearts. Even if you spent all your wealth, you could not have united them but God has united their hearts’ actually God was lying. He was pulling a fast one on us all.

According to the Ahlul Sunnah ulema when God says the Prophets wives are like ‘mothers’ to the believers, God was also just kidding. According to them even a ‘mother of believers’ could lead a war to cut off the heads of other believers - her own children.

The Dogs of Hawab.

In an attempt to lend some credence to this fake story, the writers of the fake hadeeth created another fake hadeeth.

“She (Umme Salama) also reminded her (Aisha) of the time when he (Prophet) had addressed all his wives saying that the dogs of Hawab would bark at one of his wives, who would be part of a rebellious mob.

Here is another narration of this story of the Dogs of Hawab I found on the Internet:

“The story of the dogs of Hawab is not narrated in the nine Sunni books (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Al-Nisa’ei, Ibn Majah, Al-Turmithi, Abu Dawood, Mowati’a Imam Malik, Musnad Ahmed and Al-Darumi) except in Musnad Ahmed. Ahmed narrated two versions of the story. Also, the story is found in Saheeh Ibn Habban, Al-Mustadrik by Al-Hakim, and in history books”.

The story goes as follows :

“Isma’eel narrated from Qays who said, ‘When Aysha approached the waters of Bani A’amir, she heard some dogs barking. Aysha asked, ‘What is the location of these waters?’ She was answered, ‘This is the waters of the Howab.’ Then she said, ‘I am going back!’ Some of the people with her said, ‘No, you should go on. Then the Muslims would see you and God would make peace between them.’ Then she said again, ‘I heard that the Prophet peace be upon him said, ‘Then what would you (the wives of the Prophet) do when you hear the barking of Al-Howab dogs?’’ "

The Prophet peace be upon him said one time to his wives, “Which one of you would be barked at by the dogs of Al-Howab?” This showed dispraise, but it did not mean dispraise itself.

And when the Prophet peace be upon him passed away, and after the years of the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman, and the affliction happened, and people killed the innocent Uthman, then Talha, Al-Zubair, and some Muslim agreed to go to Iraq and to persuade the people of Iraq to avenge from the killers of Uthman. The Companions asked the caliph Ali Bin Abi Talib to execute the killers of Uthman, but Ali refused fearing to agitate more afflictions. So Talha and Al-Zubair sought the help of the people of Iraq by asking the help of Aysha, the mother of the believers. If Aysha came along, Talha and Al-Zubair reasoned, then the people of Iraq would listen to them”.

According to all these fake hadiths, the Prophet has become a soothsayer or fortune teller. According to the fake hadith the Prophet had predicted that one of his wives would lead a rebellion. And the dogs of Hawab would bark. This story is too ridiculous but analyse it we will. Firstly among the animals, cats meow, camels do the camel thing and cows moo but the Prophet’s soothsaying into the unseen future had picked out dogs. And he could see that the dogs would bark. We are expected to believe that the prophet could also see into the future and locate the place where this would happen ie a place called Hawab. Yet the Prophet could not tell which one of his wives would be leading the rebellion. That part of the vision was a little cloudy !

This is an evil lie and slander against the Prophet. The Prophet could never see the unseen, look into the future or pick out villages where dogs would bark. About his soothsaying or fortune telling abilities the Prophet taught us the following :

[Surah 7:188] Say: I do not control any benefit or harm for my own soul except as Allah please; and had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me; I am nothing but a warner and the giver of good news to a people who believe

Other translators say ‘had I known the unseen I would have profited myself’.

The Prophet could never see into the future. If he could then surely he would have told this terrible future events very accurately to his beloved wife (Aisha?), to his believeing sahaba (Muawiyah?) to his beloved son in law (Ali ?) so that no calamity would befall his beloved wife, companions and family members.

Again the Prophet was no soothsayer. Not only could he not know the unseen but he could never see into the future.

Surah 52:29 “Therefore continue to remind, for by the grace of your Lord, you are not a soothsayer, or a madman”

The Prophet was not a soothsayer. It was not his job to predict what would happen in the future. And the following verses too:

Surah 69: 39 – 47

But nay! I swear by that which you see, And that which you do not see.

Most surely, it is the Word brought by an honored Apostle, And it is not the word of a poet; little is it that you believe; Nor the word of a soothsayer; little is it that you mind. It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, Then We would certainly have cut off his aorta. And not one of you could have withheld Us from him.

The Quran is very threatening here. Again it says that the Prophet was not a soothsayer. If the Prophet had attempted to say anything other than the Quran and then claimed that it was also from God, then God says he would have killed the Prophet of Islam. And no one could have helped the Prophet. The Prophet could not have made soothsayer type predictions that the Dogs of Hawwab would bark at one of his wives. All this talk about the dogs of Hawab is just a lie. Its all fake.

So in short, the Believers whose hearts God had united did not go to war with each other. There were no barking dogs at a place called Hawab and neither did the Prophet make any predictions about the dogs.

The Battle of Jamal and the Battle of Siffin never happened. All these stories are just fake.

Salat(Prayer)  is only 3 times in the  Quran


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