In the Islamic World, the clerics replaced the drug dealers, they are the ones doing the intoxication now. It is the time in the Islamic World to seperate "The Religion of Clerics and the Religion of Quran.Islam like every other religion has been corrupted by innovations, traditions, and false, idolatrous doctrines which are used by the clerics to create intoxicated followers        
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Away from Islam! Towards religion for God!

The Religion of Abraham!

God Bless Him

Away from Islam! Towards religion for God!


People of Islam. Yes, Muslims. You have the rumorous Ahadith (collection of supossed narratives of the prophet Muhammad, God bless him), your books on Islamic law and Jurisprudence and many factions. You profess to follow the book you call the Quran but yet you uphold doctrines contrary to it. You profess to teach the Quran but yet there are many Muslims who recite the compilation and don't know hardly a word of what it means. You have a book from God which so far cannot be proven false, however you continue to make jurisdictions, rulings, propoganda & even interpretations of the Quran based on non-Quranic and un-Quranic sources; words of men who wrote and still write books based on godless falsehood.

Unfortunately, it seems like you would rather awe at and sing the Qur'an then truly read, study and understand it. And it is because you fail to study it that you Muslims have not realized that the Quran is not even an Islamic work. It was sent by God into the depths of the Jahileeya, in the language of the Jahileeya to bring guidance to all humanity. It is not a book of poetry and hymn for your entertainment. Nor is its only purpose to give blessing upon those who would recite its passages. You treat it truly as if it were nonesense.

You Muslims need to educate yourselves so that you can take this scripture, still intact and still intelligible, and begin to see what it has to say to you, not what you and your scholars have to say to it. If all of your traditions are based on this book then study it and analyze it and see how many of your traditions can truly be found within the pages of this book. The Quran's message stands on its own. It spoke to the Jahileey Arab of Yemen who had no idea about what was going on in Muhammad's life, and it speaks to all those who bother to learn the language of the Jahileeyah (being the language of Early Classical Arabic without meanings of a definite post-quranic origin) and view reality as it is. Study the book for what it has to say. No sheikh, no wali(saint). Just you, intelligence, honesty, true discernment and God.

Unfortunately you have also failed to realized that the very meaning many of you give to the word Islam is not even its meaning. Neither in Arabic, nor in English. Islam is correctly Al-Islaamu in Classical Arabic. And Muslim is correctly Muslimun. Once you, Muslims, would realize that there is no ONE Arabic and that the Quran is written in, and to be understood in, Early Classical Arabic (being in essence Jahileeyah Arabic) you must then realize that Al-Islaamu's true meaning, its Classical Arabic meaning, is not even what the Quran promotes. In other words, the Qur'an does not promote Islam, even in its most proper sense, and I will tell you why.

Al-Islaam in Pre-Islamic/Jahileeyah Arabic, the early Classical Arabic of the Quran's era, means more than one thing. 'Submission/Surrender/Resignation' is one meaning that most Muslims and non-Muslims are familiar with. However, this meaning has nothing at all to do with God. The meaning of Al-Islaam as submission/resignation to God's will is solely a doctrine of Imaam Ashafee'i, a primary and ancient Islamic leader.

Furthermore, it is a doctrine based on conjecture. It was made-up. It is only valid after he proclaimed this meaning and, even then, only in the religious circles whose whim and imaginations would deem this falsity acceptable. But this meaning can never be a Pre-Islamic Arabic meaning, because it was INVENTED very much after the Qur'an had been sent down.

Those Muslims who don't let their imaginations and whim get the best of them, as well as all those outside of the fold of Al-Islaam, know that the Al-Islaam of today encompasses other things quite distinct from this fraudulous intrepretation.

Ashafee'i's doctrine is an Islamic meaning that was invented after the Qur'an and it is not valid to read it within the Qur'an. The word Al-Islaamu when seen within the Quran needs to be read with only its Pre-Islamic/Jahileeyah meanings. Why? Because the Qur'an is of that Pre-Islamic era and cannot be read with any word or language that has come from outside of the Pre-Islamic Classical Arabic context.

In stark contrast to what many Muslims have been told and believe the Quran never states that the true religion is to be called Al-Islaam, that God's religion is called Al-Islaamu, or that Al-Islaam now means Al-Islaamu(Submission) to and for God. If it had, then Muslims would have Qur'anic support in their calling themselves Muslims, and their religion Islam. But they don't. Why? Because Al-Islaam does not mean Submission to God, as a pre-Islamic Arabic word, and only pre-Islamic Classical Arabic meanings can be read into the Quran's Arabic.

A Muslim who has been taught this definition of Ashafee'i would think that this definition is the obvious and rightful interpretation of why he calls his religion Al-Islaam, i.e. Submission. But there is a big, assumptious jump that is made in that conclusion.

If your religion were called Subjugation for instance, does this have anything to do with God? If I were to claim that my religion is called Subjugation because I subjugate myself to God, does that make it so that 'Subjugation' now means Subjugation to God?

No. I'm fabricating this meaning. It is pure imagination. Only if the whole world were to follow my illogical assumption would Subjugation come to mean this.

Nevertheless, if this did happen (as it did with Islam), those who would seek to understand some piece of literature before my time, would be able to look up the word Subjugation before I had ever existed and see that this meaning is not applicable to that piece of literature. Why?
Because this meaning didn't exist before I invented it. This is the case with understanding the word Al-Islaam as 'Submission to/for God'.

The Quran is Pre-Ashafee'i. Before Ashafee'i the word Al-Islaam had the meanings of:

"to quit, to salute, to save/make safe, to pay in advance, to resign/submit, to give.'

None of these meanings have anything to do with God, and any rival athiest scholar could have, and still can, proposed that Muslims quit God, by using the valid meaning 'to quit.' But this interpretation, like Shafee'i's, would be an imaginative and baseless fabrication.

In addition to that, not every Muslim scholar or non-scholar, is in agreement over what Al-Islam means to them in its religious sense. Logically, they can't be in agreement if they are basing their beliefs on imaginative fabrication. Whether personal conjecture or that of Ashafee'i's, pure imaginative conjecture can never stand up to evidence-backed knowledge unless supported by powerful liars.

Al-Islaam has come to mean more than what it meant in Pre-Islamic days. This I can admit. One of the most lasting and concrete manifestations of the post-quranic, new-fangled concepts of Al-Islaam has been the Empire and dynasty of Al-Islaam. This empire has encompassed many smaller kingdoms but has generated the millions of people who now unite under the common banner of Al-Islam. We have even come to use this concept of Al-Islaam interchangeably with the phrase 'the Muslim World.'

Despite all of the meanings that Al-Islaam may have acquired over the centuries, after the Quran, Al-Islaam as a dynasty and a religious empire is not what the Quran ever promoted. There was no religion called 'Al-Islaam', nor were there any particular people called 'Muslims' when the Quran was revealed. Nor were there Christians when Jesus' teachings (the only real gospel) were revealed to him, nor Jews when the Moses teachings (the only real Torah) were revealed to him, for that matter. These two words, Al-Islaam and Muslim, were ordinary vocabulary words with their own pre-islamic meanings that, in fact, have nothing to do with God.

To give an example of how Muslim and Al-Islaam are used in their Pe-Islamic Classical Arabic sense, specifically in the sense of submission/surrender, I have provided examples below and have capitilized where these vocabulary words occur:

Saying in Classical Pre-Islamic Arabic,

'al-qowmu kaanoo MUSLIMeena doona deenil-maaliki-dhaawlimi' , means literally:

The people were submissive/surrenderers under the unjust king's rule.

Stylistically improved, it renders:

The people surrendered and were submissive under the unjust king's rule.

This sentence doesn't have even an inkling of the religion of 'Islam' or 'the Muslims' as we know them. As it shouldn't in its Pre-Islamic sense. Nor, however, is it connected to God in any way.

Another perfectly valid Classical Pre-Islamic Arabic sentence using the word 'Islam' would be:

'min al-waajibi huwa ISLAMu junoodil-jaishil-shaqeeyi li-junoodil-jaishil-barri

Literally: It is necessary, the submission/surrender of the soldiers of the rogue army to the righteous army.

Stylistically improved: The surrender and submission of the rogue army and its soldiers to the righteous army is necessary.

In the case of the second example, would it haved looked correct if it had said, 'Islam of the rogue army and its soldiers to the righteous army, is necesitated.' ?

No.That is confusing, and non-sensical to an English-speaker.

As for the first example, if it had been understood and interpreted in English as: 'the people were Muslims under the unjust king's rule.' the meaning would have been utterly and totally lost & misconstrued. That sentence has nothing to do with the post-quranic "Muslims" or the religion of Islam that we have come to know in post-quranic times. This kind of misreading is what is done with the Qur'an when Modern Arabic, Midieval Arabic or Islamic Arabic meanings, originating after the Qur'an, are read into the Qur'an.

If the first example had been a pre-Islamic work translated as such we would think that the people under the unjust king's rule were 'Muslims' and that Muslims existed in pre-Islamic times! How ridiculous is that! Unfortunately, many Muslims are engulfed in Islamocentric ideas that make them oblivious of what sound knowledge and reason dictate.

Moreover, why would you translate one word and not the other? If your going to pick and choose what words to translate and, in this, cause confusion, don't translate anything! Such misconstruction is done with the Quranic passage 3:18 which states in Arabic, "Addeenu &aindi~llahil-Islaami."

To translate the above as "The religion, as it concerns God, is to be Al-Islaam" is just as bad as saying, "al-religion &aindi God Submission." Do you see how ridiculous the second rendering is? You cannot mix two languages like that and expect a uni-lingual (non-bilingual) audience to fully understand what is being said. When translating, the language of the audience alone needs to be chosen. Otherwise the product is confusion and misunderstanding. This passage should be translated "the rule/order/custom/culture. as it concerns God, is to be submission."

An example of the above can also be shown with 'Masjidul-Aqsaa' which is what Muslims call 'The Dome of the Rock' in Jerusalem. Many Muslims believe that the place called Masjidul-Aqsaa related in the Quran refers to the Mosque in Jerusalem. Therefore they believe that it existed during the Prophet Muhammad's lifetime. Little knowledge do they have! This Mosque was constructed, finished and named considerably after the Prophet Muhammad's death, 705 A.D to be exact! Muhammad is recorded to have supposedly died around the year 632 A.D. The Quran, then, in its speaking of a 'Masjidul-Aqsaa' could not have been speaking of this place. In truth, the phrase means 'the most remote place of worship'. However, it is just this type of ignorance which barrs sound understanding of the Quran.

In truth, Al-Islaamu, as a religious, imperial order is just another faction that God did not and does not sanction; just as Judaism and Christianity are. So let Muslims get away from Islam, closer to intelligence, knowledge, logic, the Quran and, most importantly, towards religion for God. Abraham's religion. He was pro-God, and did not take anything as His equal.

"So, if they argue with you say, 'I have submitted my whole self to and for God. My followers have done so as well.' Say, "To those who have recieved Law, and those who have not, will you submit?' If they do, then surely they have been guided but if they turn away, your duty is the delivery, and God sees all humanity. "

3:20 God's message

"And who turns away from the religion of Abraham but one who would make a fool of himself? We distinguished him in the earthly realm, and he will be with the righteous in the end. When his lord said to him, "Submit!" He said, "I have submited to the lord of all."

2:13-131 God's message

Salat(Prayer)  is only 3 times in the  Quran


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